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About Static Fiction

The Band

“We’re kinda like a summer action flick with a cheesy love story.”

Static Fiction is a punk pop band based out of Huntington Beach, California, inspired by the likes of Green Day, Weezer, NoFx, Alkaline Trio, AUTHORITY ZERO, and Bowling For Soup. Band members (from left to right in above photo) Ryan Brown – Bass, Derek Goodwin – drums, Paul Lapinsky – vocals/guitar and Noah Dunbar – guitar, plan on making a dent in music history.

The Music

“We take vocal melodies and harmonies of the Beach Boys, powerful guitar sounds and tones like early pop punk version of our favorite bands but make them as powerful as Queen or Journey.”

Looking to record the best pop punk album of all time, Static Fiction sought out one of the biggest producers of all time, Ryan Greene. With Greene agreeing to take on the project, Static Fiction has turned out a true punk pop masterpiece in their 5 song, self-ttled EP.

The EP


1. Static Fiction

2. Ashes

3. Stop And Look

4. Guano Love

5. Good times

What they are saying:

“…I fell in love with Static Fiction. They are exactly what I look for in the Punk Rock genre. They have a flawless sound…” – Meagan Muth (ReviewsFromTheCave)

“They sound like Green Day, but BETTER.” – Mark Allen (HardRockHaven)

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